1. Guessing we are not living in this house, we are getting an apartment so my best friend can be right next to usc instead of having to drive. Ugh lol


  2. Being a bartender on weekends…

    I hate being a bartender when I have to hear someone’s sob story about how they lost everything and so now they’re just trying to get hammered with the last $200 to their name. Sorry that I cut you off after 3 vodka shots back to back, but maybe you should spend that money on a necessity, not an addiction. You probably lost it all due to alcohol the way you are talking… And do not boast about how you beat your daughter when you were drunk, that’s why I kicked you out buddy. Grow the fuck up and burn in hell

  3. njborn95:



    180 is my all time favorite….

    That’s a mk3 supra, friend :)

    "180" There is no hope.

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  4. chawlsss:



    No Rival No Equal

    such a beautiful car, man i need to kick my ass into gear and get the rallyteg together

    You guys need to read the arrival on stickydiljoe.com

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  5. streetstance:

    street stance


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  6. iamphotonate:

    Kyle Carpenter - Medal of Honor recipient.

    In 2010, he covered a live grenade with his body, saving a fellow Marine’s life. I photograph celebrities all the time but it’s these people that catch my attention and get my respect.

    Kyle carpenter is from sc! Right from where I live. He’s always been the kind of guy who would give his life for another person. Don’t know him too well though.

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  7. Movado watch!

    militarystuffandfitness it’s 8:03 in the picture! Haha don’t hate! It is more for fashion/investment than for time. I have a fossil watch for when I need a watch to tell time! Than I gots my two rolex’s for special occasions… Like our wedding ;)

  8. My new movado watch.
    Cost me almost a grand, but I’m so happy I bought it! Time to finally buy me a skeleton watch!!!


  9. Our home is almost done! Just gotta get carpet done in my room and put up the ceiling fan, than I will be moving in my stuff! So excited!!!

  10. Almost finished painting finally

  11. Almost finished painting finally

  12. Miami!!!

  13. Merica!!!

  14. This girl is like my lil sis! So happy I have someone who treats me like an older bro!

  15. Spent so much money with my best friend buying baha blast! Stocked up…